Sunday, 5 July 2015

Crowdfunding Politics - The Ultimate Democracy?

How can you get people more involved into politics and also make people feel happier about contributing to society financially?

In our current system, people pay a certain amount of taxes and the government decides what the money will be spent on. But what if that goes against my beliefs? What if I don't want to fund wars, violence, or other things that are not important to me or even things I am morally against?

It seems like a great solution would be to Crowdfund political ideas. So whenever the time comes that people have to pay annual taxes, they can donate money to a cause they support, whatever is important for them at the moment. For example, they could put their money toward environmental projects, and even suggest (and create) projects themselves. If the project gets enough funding, then it will happen. This ensures that people will be more interested in learning about the different things that are happening in their area, and they will be more oriented towards solutions. It will probably also lead to people taking more responsibility for their personal actions and they will think more carefully about where to put their money.

It is also a very transparent system because everyone can see what projects are happening and what will happen if they choose a certain project. And on the website, it could also show how much money is needed and how much has already been raised, just like other types of crowdfunding campaigns. And the projects can be listed in different categories.

Also, this type of system seems to be so much more fair because people who tend to rely on certain structures, will probably also put money towards maintaining those structures. For example, on average, people who have children may want to invest more in education and child care, whereas people who have a chronic disease will probably invest more in healthcare. Plus they may try to find more ways in which they can contribute to better health themselves.

Let me know in the comments if you think that kind of structure would work and what ground rules are needed for such a system!
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