Tuesday, 30 June 2015

10 Reasons to Dive! Or: 10 Benefits to Dumpster Diving

Dumpster Diving Treasure

This is for anyone who may still not be convinced that Dumpster Diving has any benefits.

1.       It is fun and exciting! You never know what you are going to find, but 9 times out of 10 it will be a lot and often it is good stuff too! And maybe it will even be the kinds of things you have never tried before and wouldn’t if you’d have to pay for it. But you might really like it!
2.       It is very good fitness training. You’ll never have to go to the gym again! You will be carrying heavy bags and cycling as many kilometers as you want, looking for exciting opportunities.  If you become a real DumpsterDiving-enthusiast, then you might cycle over 50 kilometers a week, just for the fun of collecting foods!

3.       You will start eating more fruits and veggies! Not just because they are free (because everything is free in our world), but also because you will have so many of them and you don’t want them to go bad.

4.       No more waiting in line! Wait, what? Do people actually wait in line to pay for their food? No, not you! No waiting in line and no need to pay. It's like winning 1 minute of free shopping, except you can stay a bit longer.

5.       Did I mention FREE? Yes, all your shopping will be free. You can find everything you need in those dumpsters! If it is not in the dumpster, then you probably don’t really need it. Think about it… is there a way to live without it? Can you use stuff you find to make an alternative?

6.       You are helping the environment tremendously! Not only can you save food from being wasted and ending up in landfills, but you can also separate the packaging from the food, thereby recycling a LOT of plastic. And if you don’t eat meat/fish, you can give it to someone who does on a regular basis, so that they will no longer go shopping for meat. That way you can even save some animals' lives! (If you are not sure why eating meat and fish is bad for the environment in addition to being cruel, watch the documentary Cowspiracy).

7.       You even help the stores, because you reduce their environmental footprint by reducing their waste. Often, stores have to pay someone for the removal of their trash, but you do it for free! How convenient for them!

8.       As stated in point 1, dumpster diving helps you try out new foods and new combinations, because you have to work with whatever you find. This also makes you creative! Creativity is a skill and it can be developed. And if you practice regularly then it will improve. And I think one can never be too creative! You will also find yourself cooking more often and more elaborately.

9.       You learn so much about food. You learn to smell, touch, pre-taste and examine your food closely before you eat it. You learn about expiry dates and when (not) to take them seriously. You learn about food production, distribution and waste. And most of all, you learn how much food really is available. After a while this can help you feel more self-reliant, because you know that whatever might happen, you will be able to find your own food. You won’t depend on money anymore to feed yourself. You also become more mindful about eating, because you know where your food came from (at least in part) and the long journey it has had before finding you.

10.   And last but not least: Dumpster diving is a great way to share with others and to give freely. So share your finds with others and enjoy the feeling of giving without expecting anything in return (after all, you have all that you need now)! It is the best feeling in the world. Give to the same people regularly, so that you learn what they like and so that you can bring them their favorites. And it won’t even cost you anything! You may even find money in the dumpster... Yes, this has happened to me several times.

BONUS: It also helps you simplify your life instantly because you can experience very quickly that you can find anything you need. Not just food items, but everything else, which makes you feel rich with nothing. It gives you a glimpse of the possibility to really enjoy life without having to work extra-long hours (or even work at all). The possibilities are endless.

You may find treasures like these (I found 24 of those double-layered boxes of chocolates recently):

P.S.: If you are inspired to get started, you can read my GUIDE on dumpster diving HERE.

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