Tuesday, 28 July 2015

What's For Dinner? Living on rescued food

A lot of people have been worried about what I eat living on 'rescued food'. So this post is to show you what kind of meals can be created from rescued foods and how varied the meals are.

A special thank-you goes to the chef of these meals: Arno de Hoon:

The chef: Arno de Hoon
He is a meat-eater, so some of these dinners contain meat. I rarely eat meat nowadays; my own dinners are mostly vegan. But I think it is interesting to show the different kinds of meals that can be created from rescued foods.

Also, although I get most of these ingredients every day, I donate almost all of the meat, fish and dairy products to people in need. This is because I eat an almost 100% plants-based diet and because meat and fish are very expensive here, so people who do eat it especially need those donations. Also, I like the fact that when I donate meat and fish to people who would otherwise buy it, it takes away one more customer who would subsidize the suffering that goes on behind the scenes.

So the following dishes were only created to show you what happens on a daily basis at the supermarkets. These meals were made during one week and contain typical donated foods, whatever we got during that week.

I often find that particularly the more expensive products get thrown out, because less of them get sold (especially as they get close to the expiry date), which means they eventually end up in dumpsters.

A daily find, something we can always count on, is fruits and vegetables. I never run out and eat plenty of those. In fact, since living on rescued foods, I have lived a healthier lifestyle than ever before!

So here are some meals created from rescued foods:

A quiche with onions, mushrooms, red pepper and eggs.

A vegan vegetable dish with spicy tomato chutney.

Potato gratin with broccoli and sirloin steak, with mushroom sauce.

Beautiful vegetables with salmon and creamy sauce.

Some more beautiful vegetables, this time with pork chops.

Homemade pizza with onions, tomato sauce, green/yellow/red peppers, mushrooms and cheese.

Veggies with crispy bread crumbs and organic sour cream with sausages.

Eggless quiche with lots of veggies and some flour.

And finally, some deserts:
Banana cream cake.

Marzipan vanilla-cream cake.

So as you can see, there is something for everyone. High quality foods get thrown away every day. Why go shopping if you can eat like this every day for free? Let the shops know it is not okay that they throw so much good stuff away! Let's start donating and spreading the goodness that we find :)
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