Friday, 29 December 2017

The Benefits of Fasting

What better time to fast than right after Christmas? Or even DURING Christmas for the warriors among us! :)

There are so many benefits to fasting, and in many cultures and traditions it is a recurring part of life, and for good reason. I try to fast at least once a year for a couple of days, although lately I have been fasting more regularly due to the often large amounts of food I get exposed to, which are not always the most healthy. That is in fact the only downside of dumpster diving: it comes with lots of temptations, and it requires high levels of self-control and discipline to not get carried away at least once in a while.

There are many different types of fasting, but my favorite routine goes something like this:
I drink a cup of warm (not hot - for the sake of vitamins) herbal tea twice a day (morning and evening), which I supplement with home-made multivitamin tinctures, I drink fruit juices during the day (freshly made or bottled), and (optional) I eat some fruit and/or light vegetables in the evening. That's it! I usually start by including the fruit and veg in the evening and after a day or two I feel ready to skip that as well.

The benefits of fasting are numerous: You feel more energetic, it improves blood circulation, you feel (and are) more productive and you cleanse your body and mind on the deepest possible level. Combine it with meditation, some light daily stretching or yoga and breathing exercises, and it will be the best thing you can do for your health.

If you fast this way, you can probably keep it going for a long time (even a couple of months if you feel that you need to), but of course always listen to your body. Every body is different. And ALWAYS supplement with natural vitamins and minerals, preferably in liquid form (not the usual cheap supplements from the store). Best to make your own so that you know what's in it! And when you do feel like eating again, make sure it is something healthy and build up again slowly.

 Here's to a healthy 2018 for everyone! :)

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