Friday, 29 December 2017

What To Do With Beer: It's Too Good To Drink It!

We've been finding a lot of beer lately, not only in the dumpsters but also at the bottom of our food supply - completely forgotten because nobody drinks it. I don't drink alcoholic beverages of any kind (I never liked them), so what to do with it then? Well, luckily none of it has to go to waste, and here is (in my opinion) the best way to use beer.

First, you separate the alcohol from the beer, with a homemade "still". You can easily make one yourself; check here for ideas. The easiest is the solar still! The boiling point of alcohol is around 78C, so if you can maintain the temperature of your still around 80C, that is the best way to separate it. Now you have liquid that has a high percentage of alcohol, plus the beer without alcohol. You may need a lot of bottles to get enough alcohol out of it, or you can grow more by adding water, sugar and yeast and then distilling it again later.

Now you can use the alcohol to make (medicinal) tinctures; just use your favorite dried herbs and let them soak in the alcohol (it's best if the purity of the alcohol is 40% (80 proof) or higher) for at least 6 weeks up to 6 months. And then it's ready! You can add a few drops in your drink as vitamin/mineral supplement or as (preventative) medicine. Of course you need to make sure you know what the herbs do. You can find out more about herbal medicine with this book, and there are many others available online for free.

Then what to do with the rest of the beer? You use it to wash your hair, of course :) Beer without alcohol has a very sweet and lovely smell, and it nurtures your hair (with alcohol it will make it dry, but without it you just get all the benefits from the B-vitamins). You don't even need to wash it out. It gives your hair shine and volume, and people will probably compliment you on your hair immediately.

That's it! The best way to use beer :)

Tinctures and "shampoo"!

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