Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Video: A Day In The Life...

Here is a short video in which I detail the Moneyless Lifestyle, recorded here in the city of Trondheim, for our local e-newspaper Adressavisen.

Lever fett - uten en krone - adressa.no

A big thanks to Frank Lervik for his professional interviewing and editing! He did a fine job :)

** Some notes:
1- Food from dumpsters is never for donation unless people know where it comes from. The food that I pick up directly from the stores is for donation.
2- I have become very picky with food from dumpsters. Unfortunately we filmed on the most difficult day for diving (Wednesday) so I could not show the best stuff (and the containers were quite dirty). Normally I only go to the stores that put all the food in bags and/or I only take things that are wrapped in plastic packaging (for obvious reasons - hygiene). While diving I also take note whether the food has touched the sides of the dumpster or could have been in contact with any contaminants (spoiled milk, broken eggs, meat, fish...) and if that is the case, I leave it behind. So don't let this video give you the wrong impression about diving! I hope to make another video where I can show a much cleaner way to dive.
3- Kantarell = chanterelle
4- A photo of my room is now uploaded to my Free Housing blogpost
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