Tuesday, 11 August 2015

The Magic Of Climbing

I climbed to the top of a mountain today.

The start of the path
I love climbing... there is something magical about going to the top. It can even be likened to life itself...

The goal was to get to the top, so I had to have a clear sense of where I was going. But if I would only focus on the end goal and stop paying attention along the way, then I might slip and fall. I might also miss interesting and beautiful moments, or moments of insight and wisdom. On the other hand, if I get sidetracked too much, I may never get to experience the extraordinary view that awaits.

Therefore climbing requires you to stay connected with yourself and everything around you. You are encouraged to be fully present and to take your time to get to the top, enjoying your surroundings on the way without losing your focus of what you set out to experience. You make sure that your general direction is up, and keep on going for however long it might take, with persistence and determination plus a healthy amount of flexibility to choose the most suitable path to the top. Being in a hurry will most likely only slow you down.

During the climb, I enjoyed the accomplishment of each step, and how it brought me closer to the top. I found myself searching for stable ground with each step to place my feet on the rocks so that they wouldn't slip, while staying conscious of how I moved my weight onto my hands or feet to keep my balance and continue the journey upward. I worked my way up, but it didn't feel like work or effort, because I was totally engaged in the process of the climb. I felt energized and revitalized with each step.

Occasionally looking back at the scenery behind me, I saw how my perspective of the view changed as I climbed higher and higher, which clearly demonstrated the relativity of everything. A great reminder of how a different viewing point brings a different point of view. No one can see exactly what you are seeing at any particular moment, because we are all looking at the world from different places. And that is okay, because each view is an experience in itself. Also a great reminder to allow myself to see things from different perspectives and practice broadening my understanding. It helps me stay open and live from a place of compassion.

Top of the mountain
I reached the top, and enjoyed the view. I witnessed the vastness of nature, and how I am somehow part of that. I saw how all the things that had previously occupied my mind seemed so insignificant when I looked down to the world from this height. I felt how exquisite and intense nature is and all that it provides. It can make you feel so full that it is hard to contain it all. So you let it flow through you. This is life. And you are a part of life... You are life.

In the following moments I spotted a place from where I was standing, that I longed to visit next. I had a new destination. A new goal: to get there. To see this beautiful place with my own eyes.

A new destination?
Getting there I felt the magic of the place. It was even more serene than I had imagined. I wished that I could stay there forever. It was so peaceful - how could anything be more captivating? But then I remembered that change is part of life, and that movement is a natural thing. Trusting this movement I never get stuck. And when I flow with life, life takes me to the most beautiful places. Or perhaps flowing with life helps me to perceive all places as beautiful.

One thing is for sure: Life is about experiences, and each moment has something unique to offer.

Coming back from my hike I am still fulfilled. What a great reminder this was. A great reminder of life and what it is all about. Flow with life and trust the path ahead. There is magnificent beauty in every moment. Don't look for it - experience it.
Feel it.
Be it.

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