Wednesday, 12 August 2015

My Biggest Dumpster Finds So Far (Largest Quantity Of A Single Product)

Here are some of my biggest finds so far of one item, all from supermarket dumpsters. Sadly all unhealthy foods, but 1000s of dollars worth of perfectly edible stuff. This shows why it is not just possible to share finds with others, but it is absolutely necessary.

Note that normally I find a mixture of all kinds of products and not a lot of the same thing. But because it is easier to calculate value this way, I have chosen to focus on these finds. Normally, I also find about two big boxes of fruits and vegetables, a few bags of potatoes, fresh bread (baked the same day), and other stuff. So don't be misguided by these pictures: I find mostly healthy foods, and the total value is probably about the same each time.

Also note that food is very expensive here in Norway, so the value of these products in your home country may differ.

150-200x chocolate chip cookies
Three big bags with packets of chocolate chip cookies. The pile in this photo was quite high, so it is difficult to see how many there are, and unfortunately I didn't count them. I suspect there were at least 180-200 packages, only just expired 1 or 2 days ago.
Found in August 2015 in Trondheim. Approximate value: 7500 NOK / 830 EUR / 914 USD.

24x boxes of chocolates (double layered)
24 boxes of chocolates, expired just a few days before. Found in April 2015 in Trondheim. Exact value: 3576 NOK / 396 EUR / 436 USD.

60x boxes of chocolates

Shown above is my biggest find ever:
38 big packets of chocolates and 22 tins. Expired just a few days before. Found in August 2015 in Åndalsnes. Exact value (double checked in the store): 10240 NOK / 1133 EUR / 1249 USD.

All these big finds came from just one dumpster each. Can you imagine how much food is thrown away worldwide and on a daily basis? We could help a lot of people by rescuing these foods and donating them to people in need.

Here are some photos showing one day's waste from one (relatively small) supermarket. I know this is exactly one day's waste because it was donated to me by the store and I collect the food on a daily basis. This is just a sample to show how much food is thrown out (if not donated):
Waste for a typical Friday
Waste for a typical Monday
Waste for a typical Saturday

So what can you do? Join the movement that was started by Rob Greenfield and ask your supermarket to #DonateNotDump. Or ask your supermarket if you can collect their waste and redistribute it to people in need.

Perhaps we can also create a website where we can make public which supermarkets donate and which don't, so that we people can choose to support the ones that donate their waste? I think this will provide a nice incentive for the stores that donate already and it will also put some pressure on the ones that are still on the fence about it.
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